2001 - VERIFIABLE TRUTH: The Coming Messiah is Here.

Updated: January 2001

Our web pages stated that the true Messiah should be verified before the coming new millennium which is January 1, 2001.

We hope that soon if this person is the true Messiah, he will provide the true righteousness to people worldwide after he reviews other religions as John 16.8 stated: "he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment." in which other religions indicated similarly such as Isaiah 53.11.

The following was from October 1999:

Many people would like to verify the truth of a man whose real name is the mighty God and the LORD of hosts for people’s true benefit. It is a fact that this person has been accurately foretelling the present unusual disasters, weather, and events since 1992. One person wrote to the national media (the media’s addresses are shown at the end of this web page) to ask for their help as follows:

To: Major national media


October 15, 1999

Address of the sender, GA, U.S.A.


For your consideration I am enclosing copies of an Internet story posted by an Award-Winning Popularity Engine, you may be interested in as a story you would report on your TV program. It is very different than the many other stories listed on the Internet about the truth of GOD and the coming Messiah. An audio tape is also enclosed, it was recorded by a Peace and Happiness Group in 1995 who helps the person who is the subject of the web page stories.

I came across this story when I was surfing the web for Nostradamus 1999 predictions. The story is about a man from the East who moved to the USA, and in 1992 while he was doing selfless meditation he says he perceived GOD’s Two Creation Laws also gaining supreme knowledge in religions and sciences. He says he can explain the simple codes used by the religious prophets such as Buddha, Isaiah and Nostradamus (Jesus: John 12. 49-50 and Nostradamus claims their gift of prophesy comes from GOD). There are many different world religions mentioned in the stories such as Christian, Judaism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Taoism and Zoroastrianism as a reference to the coming Messiah or other related names. Each religion listed gives a profile of the coming Messiah. The Messiah is referred to by different names according to their religion. The scriptures listed from the King James version of the Bible are what kept me drawn to this story. The scripture from the book of John chapter 16 verses 7-16 amazed me because never before had I heard of the Comforter. In simple it is where Jesus tells his disciples that he must go away so that he could send the Comforter, who would reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment. He (the Comforter) will be the he Spirit of Truth and will Guide us (the world) into all truth. Please read the story and research the Bible scriptures for your own understanding.

Jesus’ truth about the Comforter was similar to the prophesies from other world prophets such as Buddha, Isaiah, and Nostradamus who indicated about the coming of GOD’s last representative. No one has ever explained that what Jesus said about the Comforter matches the profile of the Messiah as other prophets of other religions mentioned in their own names and languages as this person mentioned. GOD’s last representative will be able to tell people true righteousness and truth resulting in the world without division and one GOD.

Why did a lot of prophets from different world religions that were born at different times and places indicate the same events about the coming Messiah or other related names? No one has ever offered to verify the truth of GOD, heaven and hell with evidence as this person offers. By now you may be thinking I’m just another religious fanatic but I’m not! I’m a very level-headed person. I had my doubts when I first read the stories, but I couldn’t ignore the fact that Jesus told his disciples 2000 years ago that he would send the Comforter before he returns. It was in the Bible just as this person said it was in his web page stories. It was then that I opened my mind and really concentrated on what he was saying and the prophesies and the present signs began to make more sense to me. If it hadn’t been for the chance that I came across this story I would have never known about the Comforter or the possibility he exists as this person. He is trying so hard to get people to see for themselves if his evidence justifies his profile. I know there are others out there that are interested in this story because it is the number 1 visited web site for Messiah Truth and Messiah Disaster key words for many different search engines, such as, Hot Bot, AltaVista, Infoseek and Lycos. You can use the DirectHit search engine and use the key words to link to the stories. Should people ignore a peaceful offer by this person even before we know what he is going to say? If we ignore this person’s request about verifying his truth, then are we ignoring what Jesus and other prophets said? Will the media give him a chance?

There are many things that Christians do not teach such as the Comforter or other related names, such as, the coming Messiah. In the Old Testament: Isaiah (9.5-7) described the Messiah will be born at a time of war and will be able to bring true peace to people forever. Isaiah (2.2) indicates the location of his home which will be on the top of mountains, and Isaiah (3.2-3) indicates his profile and ability. Isaiah (53.5-6, 10-11 and 54.13-17) indicates that this person will help people for peace and teach people about righteousness. Isaiah’s statements were supported by Jesus’ truth about the Comforter who will come to reprove the world of sin and righteousness.

The person whom the story refers to is not seeking any disciples and does not want to gain supporters or anything else. He seeks the help of the media to allow him the chance to prove his evidence to a panel of religious and science experts. He wants the people of this world to be able to witness his verification to be qualified. He says GOD’s truth is meant for the whole world to witness at one time. It is up to the experts and the people to decide if he is the true Comforter. If people decide he is the true Comforter, then he will tell the world all of GOD’s truths.

He strongly suggests that he has enough evidence to convince the world and the religious and science experts. He says he will explain and prove the truth about religion and science with supreme knowledge and he will show that GOD, Heaven and Hell are real. He offers many of GOD’s signs such as disasters and unusual weather and events before they have happened as evidence. (Please see copy titled: "TRUTH: Is the Messiah Real?") Is what he said about the divine devastating disasters true? He offers signs from ancient prophecies, such as, the birth of the Red Heifer and the White Buffalo and the many unusual events and weather disasters since 1992. (Please see copy titled: "Messiah Truth, Prophecies, Red Heifer, Future.") He offers signs from different religions that meet his profile. He is profiled in Nostradamus prophesies as the coming Messiah. Nostradamus, himself predicted that a man in the late 20th century would unlock the code to his quatrains and be able to easily explain them.

He clearly states this offer of God’s truth will end at the end of this year 1999 as prophesied by Nostradamus in Quatrain 27 of Century II. (Please see copy titled: "Peoples Last Chance: Prophecies are in Conjunction in 1999") What will happen next? If this person is Jesus’ Comforter or the true Messiah, people may feel sorry that we ignore him as indicated in Isaiah 53.3-5. I know from this person that he has had a lot of suffering in his life. He tries to help people have true peace and happiness. If he is qualified by people, people will learn new things in both religion and science that they’ve never learned before.

There are many stories on the Internet about people who claim to be the coming Messiah. The story I support for verification is very different than the others. This person does not have miracles. He says that GOD did not give him divine powers for such things, only supreme knowledge of GOD’s creation laws and GOD’s righteousness. He says GOD’s truths are simple and that people will understand his evidence once he reveals them. We must act now before the end of 1999 to give him the chance to be verified or he will no longer be able to tell GOD’s truths. He says that GOD gives us free will and it is up to us to recognize GOD’s signs that signify his coming.

My intentions regarding the web page stories are to ask the media such as your TV program to consider this story to be a newsworthy event and to bring the story to the people. It is my opinion this story could draw worldwide attention which could give your network astronomical ratings. The world is caught up in Millennium Fever and the return of the Messiah is a hot topic in tabloid magazines. TVs and radios broadcast many religious leaders speaking about the Messiah’s coming, such as, the Pope, pastors, and preachers. So many people are interested in these stories that I feel if you air a story about this, people’s curiosity alone would consume them and influence them to watch.

I understand this person wants the verification to be available to anyone making the claim to be the coming Messiah and other related names. This might provide fairness to the people judging. You would need to contact these people including this person and ask them to send you a one page letter stating their claim and explaining their evidence to justify their claim. As a suggestion, you can get the candidates to answer in their letters to you "How they can offer the world true peace and happiness." After receiving the letters from all who submit a claim to be the Messiah, you, the media would decide which ones you feel offer the most credible evidence to be included in the verification process. The media may ask the candidates to set up his/her guidance for the Messiah verification. Please consider, this person indicated that what is popular may not always be the truth and that popularity may cause problems with the truth as Galileo’s truth caused him serious problems with what was popular in his time.

I have offered this person my help because it is my opinion that his fundamental story offers enough evidence to justify his request to be verified. I am not making any claims that this person is the Comforter, I only support his request to prove himself by verification. This person will need to prove himself to me along with everyone else.

I hope that I have been able to appeal your interest to this story. I would like to see the outcome of this story and the only way I or anyone else will get this chance is if you decide to cover the story. I sincerely hope that I have peaked your curiosity to find out if this story is the real thing. If what this person said comes true, we would be free from the Prince of the World (Satan) who may fool us to sin as the serpent fooled Adam and Eve in Genesis 3.1-13. If GOD’s truth is out there waiting to be told, I want to be there to hear it.

I am a Christian; my family and I attend church every week because I very much love GOD and his son Jesus. If the media airs this story, it is my opinion that a lot of Christians would like to see it because it is not something ministers preach. This person has tried very hard to open people’s eyes and minds about the Comforter, by pointing it out in the Bible. Jesus stated in Matthew 28.20 that people should observe everything. This might be our last chance to know the truth of GOD, Who we are? or What will happen after we die?

I do not see any reason why people would reject this person’s request to be verified. People may know that the Antichrist does not have truth in him (John 8.44). If this person can present God’s truth with evidence then he should not be the Antichrist. This person offers more than anyone could ever offer for our own good, and he offers it freely. It is up to the people to accept his offer. I only hope that you, the media will present this offer to mankind for their peace with GOD.

I wondered why he did not have followers or come out to teach people. After I e-mailed him many times, I realized that he has enough reasons not to be a preacher. This person makes his living by his professional knowledge, and he wants to create peace not divisions. If people do not want it, it is their choice. It is their free will, but he said when people die, there will be a fair judgment for everyone.

I’ve spoken with this person on the telephone. He offered to call me because I asked him many questions via emails. He is soft spoken and very polite. He sincerely answered my questions the best that he is allowed without revealing the things he cannot tell people until he is verified. I am satisfied by speaking to him that his stories of his destiny appointed to him by GOD is genuinely real to him. He has even admitted to me that he wishes GOD would have chosen someone else for this plight because he does not like interfering with other people’s lives. He said that after he knew GOD’s truth, GOD wanted him to help people. At the beginning, he did not want to do this work because it is impossible to make all people understand GOD’s truth without a lot of bad things happening. GOD did not command him, but GOD guided him to search what his name is and to investigate Nostradamus'''' prophecies. He later realized that he needed to help people out from the troubles in their life (both spirit and body) in this world and in other worlds to come. Even though he knew how hard it will be, he gave GOD a promise to try to help people. After that he has cut out all of his opportunity for a successful and secure career in order to continue to devote his time and energy for this project. He spends a lot of his own money to promote this project and rejects financial help from others. He says that GOD freely gives him the knowledge, so he will also give GOD’s gift freely to people if they want it. He knows that GOD helps him when he has serious problems. He will keep his promise until he is verified or until time runs out at the end of this year 1999. He cannot go further after that because GOD wants him to stop if people do not pay attention. He understands GOD will let people go their own way if they do not want a gift from GOD. He has clear evidence from Nostradamus prophecy II-27 to support him that God wills him to stop this work if it takes to long.

I would like to encourage the media to contact this person so that you will hear the sincerity in his spoken words that I have heard for myself. Time is running out for this person to help us, and I feel in my heart that he is genuine in his offer to help us. The evidence that I''''ve researched from his stories and his sincerity lead me to believe he may very well be GOD’s last representative. In my heart I truly hope that he is because I hope to live in a world with true peace and happiness. I know this is the last chance to convince the media to report his story and I feel that I should help GOD as a lot of people would do if they realize that this story could possibly be true. I would like to convince you as the media to search for his truth. If not, then his supreme knowledge will never be heard by anyone as this person told me and his close friends. Please give the world this last chance to find out the truth of GOD.

This person selected a few close friends to help him work on this project to gain people’s support for the verification. You can contact him, his friends or myself for further information regarding this story. You can contact them via the Internet at their following e-mail address: "nanaus@worldnet.att.net" (unavaliable at present) or my e-mail address: "...................................".

Again I would like to say that I do not make any claims that the person in the web page stories is the Comforter or Messiah. I seek the truth and the truth must be proven to me before I would make such a claim. My interest in the story is to help him get the chance to be verified and because I have hope for a happy, peaceful world. I hope you will feel the same after reading the enclosed web page stories and listening to the audio tape. I kindly ask that you keep my name, address, e-mail address and personal information confidential.

Thank you for your time and consideration to this story.
Signed by the sender.

Enclosed materials:

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The end of this past millennium was December 31, 2000 A.D. There was never a Roman Numeral for zero, so A.D. began at 1 instead of 0. Therefore the first millennium was 1 - 1000 A.D., the second millennium was 1001 -2000 A.D., and the third millennium is 2001 -3000 A.D.